Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an activation fee?
A: Sprint will charge you a $36 per line activation fee.

Q: How will I pay this fee?
A: The activation fee will appear on your first Sprint billing statement.

Q: Is this fee going to be on my statement every month?
A: No, the activation fee is a one-time charge and will only appear once on your Sprint statement.

Q: What is Total Equipment Protection?
A: Total Equipment Protection or TEP is a phone repair/replacement coverage program offered through Sprint. This covers non-warranty repairs, replacement coverage for your device whether your device is lost or stolen.

Q: Is there a contract required with this purchase?
A: Yes. All phone items require a contract with Sprint. The monthly payment amount, duration of the contract, and contract type will varying by purchase.

Q: I don't want a contract. How can I not have a contract with Sprint for this order?
A: Please use the Contact Us to reach out to our customer service team and we will help find the best possible wireless solution for you.

Q: If I cancel this contract, what are the fee(s)?
A: If you cancel your Sprint contract, Sprint will assess an Early Termination Fee. Early Termination Fees may vary depending on your length of service with Sprint and how many more months you have left on your contract. Full early termination fees range from $200 to $500 per line, depending on the type of phone or program you have agreed to. If you wish to break the Sprint 2-year contract, we advise you to contact Sprint directly to determine the exact amount of the early termination fee that you would be assessed. Please review the full terms and conditions of the contract with Sprint.

Q: Why do you need my credit information?
A: This product requires a credit application to be processed in order to establish Sprint service.

Q: I am uncomfortable in providing this personal information? How will this information be used?
A: Your personal credit information is only used to process your credit application and establish Sprint service. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose other than to process your credit application through Sprint as well as establish service through Sprint for your new device. 

Q: What if my credit isn’t approved for service?
A: If you are not approved for service please contact us and we will help find the best wireless solution for you!

Q: What type of deposit would I have to pay?
A: Depending on your credit history/credit application results, Sprint may offer a few different options. They include, but not limited to, deposits ranging from $0 to $250. Not all applicants will be required to pay a deposit. Account Spending Limit program which limits the amount you may have outstanding with Sprint is usually set at a $150 limit.

Q: Will I receive my deposit back from Sprint and if so, when?
A: If Sprint requires a deposit to be paid to secure the activation, Sprint will determine when the deposit is refunded. Normally, with excellent payment history, Sprint will return any deposit back to the customer with interest usually after one year. Sprint may, at their discretion, continue to hold the deposit beyond the one year.

Q: What is the Account Spending Limit Program?
A: Depending on the credit application results, Sprint may offer activation with ASL or Account Spending Limit Program. Your account has been pre-set with a per line spending limit. This is the maximum balance your account can reach at any given time. When you reach 100% of your spending limit, you will receive incoming calls, but your outgoing calls will be routed to Sprint Care who will request a payment is made to reduce your account balance below the allowed spending limit. If you reach 120% of your spending limit, your account with Sprint is suspended until payment is made to bring your balance below your spending limit. There is a $7.99 per month fee for ASL, but you may avoid this fee by contacting Sprint and set up automatic bill pay.

Q: When will my new phone be operational?

  • NEW ACTIVATIONS: Your phone will be activated upon shipping to your address. When you receive your phone - everything will be operational. Just charge your battery fully according to your user's manual.
  • UPGRADING EXISTING LINES OF SPRINT SERVICE: We will process your upgrade on your existing Sprint line on the day it is delivered to your address. If you receive your phone and it is not working - DO NOT CALL SPRINT TO PROCESS YOUR UPGRADE. Please call Simply Wireless at 1- 877-717-4675 so that we may complete the upgrade process to your new device.
  • PORTING NUMBER FROM ONE CARRIER TO ANOTHER: We will process your port request from your original service provider to Sprint on the day it is delivered to your address. If you receive your phone and it is not working - DO NOT CALL SPRINT TO PROCESS YOUR ACTIVATION. Please call Simply Wireless at

    1-877-717-4675 so that we may complete the activation for your new device.

Q: When will my new order arrive?
A: Your order should arrive within 3-5 days from the ship date. Your order may be delayed shipping if we require further verification of your personal information. If further verification is needed, one of our agents from Simply Wireless will contact you to obtain the necessary information. It is important that you return any calls/emails from Simply Wireless to prevent further delays in shipping your order or cancellation of the order.

Q: How do I cancel this order?
A: Please contact Simply Wireless at 1-877-717-4675 to request the cancellation of your order.

Q: Can my order be cancelled for any other reason?
A: Simply Wireless may cancel this order for the following reasons (including, but not limited to the following):

  1. Sprint has denied you for service based on your credit application results.
  2. You do not return our calls to request further information when additional verification is required by Sprint.
  3. You requested an upgrade on this item, but are not eligible for an upgrade through Sprint at this time.
  4. You requested to add a new line to your account, but have no available lines to add with Sprint.

Q: How will I know if Simply Wireless has cancelled my order?
A: If your order is cancelled by Simply Wireless we will notify you via email.

Q: What is “porting”?
A: Porting is the transfer of your existing wireless or landline phone number from one service provider to another.

Q: Can I port my existing number to my new Sprint phone?
A: Yes, but in some cases there may be restrictions. If Simply Wireless has any difficulty in processing your port request to Sprint, one of our agents will contact you.

Q: What information will you require in order to port my number?
A: Most of the required information for your port request is included on your original service provider’s billing statement. Incorrect information will delay your order processing. If there are any discrepancies with the information provided, one of our agents will contact you.

Q: When will my new phone be working with my existing number?
A: When you receive your new Sprint device, your ported number will be activated on the device.

Q: Do I need to contact my service provider to cancel my service before the port is requested?
A: No. Your phone number must be active in order for the port to complete. If you cancel your number and/or account with the originating service provider, the port cannot be completed and your new phone will not work. Once the port is complete and your new phone is working, your original phone will automatically deactivate and no longer work.

Q: Once my new phone is working with my existing number, do I need to contact my original service provider to cancel my account?
A: When your number is transferred to your new phone, the number ceases to be a part of the original service provider account. The number is considered cancelled or deactivated with your original service provider. You should receive a final bill from your original service provider. Please contact them if you wish to inquire about their final bill practice. If your original account includes other numbers that you are not porting, those numbers should not be affected.

Q: I am still under contract with my current service provider. Will I have to pay a cancellation fee?
A: Please contact your current provider before requesting a port for any contractual obligations you may be under with them. If you are currently under contract with the phone number, your original service provider may charge penalties in accordance with their terms and conditions. You must speak with them regarding their policies and practices. Simply Wireless is not responsible/liable for any cancellation penalties or billing issues regarding porting your number from one carrier to another. You are solely responsible for any contractual agreements associated with the number you wish to port.